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The core idea of this initiative will be to reach underprivileged children and community needs at rural areas through building strong networking system at grass root level. “Aa Foundation for community development “will be working on four thematic areas.
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Eliminating poverty and making living environment safe, filled with happiness for the vulnerable children and their families.
Working towards a holistic approach, were poor communities are economically sustainable, children have access to quality education, health and the youth have access to opportunities for higher education and employment.
Empowerment of community and children through in the process of education and building network of stake holders at community level.
• Our project focus is to strengthen the networking system through intervention for ensuring child rights.
• The project will be focusing on child protection aspect, ensuring child rights met in Anganwadis and school by forming child rights committees, parents committees, village’s level and GP level committees.
• The project will also bring in focusing in bringing computer Aided learning, nonformal methods of teaching in Anganwadis, tuitions classes, and drop-in center for school dropout to mainstream them to formal school and vocational training, encouraging young women for microcredit activities.
• To ensure the community is accessible to safe drinking water and eco-friendly toilets.
• To increase ground water level through rainwater harvesting programme.
• To strengthen and create awareness among youth for lively hood accessibility and villages development activities.
• To ensure increase in health status of women and children, and de-addiction of alcohol in

Background of the Project area
Since the area is semi drought prone and with eucalyptus plantations and surrounded by brick factory .Main income of the people is through agriculture and wages from brick & tile factories. Many of the people now have quit farming due to scarcity of rainfall and they have moved to the above mentioned factories for daily wages.. Poor roads, improper drainages, bad streets & houses, scarcity of drinking water, and garbage can be seen everywhere. Pollution is very much high compared to any other places because of the smokes released from brick & tile industries. These factories have dug the ground deep to the crust and they have made the ponds & lakes deep like well. Alcohol among men and women is common, and women tend to take the family responsibilities and children suffer from the malnutrition, irregular school and youths are almost childlabourers and addicted to alcohol, smoking and panparang.
The villages selected for the intervention is in 10kms radius from Malur town, in one cluster under Areleri grampanchayat. Areleri Grampanchayat has 10 villages and all have lower primary school, for higher primary the children have to come for grampanchayat from 3-8 kms radius, there are few aided privates schools, where children families who can offer will send them.
The project focus is children and quality education, where parents and community, school and Anganwadis are important stake holders and organization will be playing the role of facilitators in encouraging self help groups microcredit activities to ensure the children rights.

• Hundred percent enrollments campigns
• Supplementary nutrition programme
• Computer Aid education
• Supporting Anganwadis and school in creating child friendly environment through children committees Strengthening parents Committees, SDMC’s and GP members on issue of Quality education.

To improve health status of women and children and to address the issue of alcohol and tobacco practice among youths. Increasing participation of PHC and Quality health care by

Facilitating regular health camp at school and Anganwadis and for the community in the villages, awareness programmes on malnoushriment, women’s health problem, HIV –AIDs and TB. Through Activities such as,
• Regular health camp
• Special health camp and follow-ups
• Referral care
• Supplementary nutrition
• Awareness programme for community
• Networking and Participating in state – and district health campaign
• Advocating for generic health stores at Grampanchayat level.

Water and sanitation

The following activities are planned to take to address the issue.
• Rainwater harvesting (individual households)
• Water filters for individual families and Anganwadis/schools
• Garbage management programme
• Awareness and campaign with stake holder on importance of safe drinking water and eco-friendly toilets.


• The youth are encourages to participate in developmental activities in their village
• Formation of youth groups at village level
• Awareness programme on vocational training and life skill
• Resource center for youth at GP level to facilitate governments and job related programme.

Targeted to cover 250 children under the age of 3-6yrs in Anganwadi at five locations. And 250 lower primary school children in five location and their families.

Date Founded 2012-02-15
Primary Focus Capacity Building
Secondary Focus Other

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