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By Blue Planet Network Posted on Tue 31 Aug 2010, over 13 years ago

There is no question that Katie belongs in PWX!
Her passion for water issues, her fundraising, her commitment, and so much more are not only key in helping us address the water crisis, but also inspirational to folks in the sector and to youth.

This is not as much a membership review, as it is an introduction to her joining PWX as a funding organization.

Welcome and thank you again for all you do.


ps: right now its Row for Water but i want to see how it evolves in the future


By Aqua Clara International Posted on Tue 31 Aug 2010, over 13 years ago

Hi all,

I agree with Rajesh. I first heard about Blue Planet Network after watching a news report on Katie's rowing adventure which shows that it helped raise awareness as well as funding. I'm excited that Row for Water is going to be part of Peer Water Exchange and look forward to seeing how it can serve as an inspiration for others to come up with innovative ways to help make an impact on the water crisis.

Aqua Clara International


By Pure Water for the World Posted on Wed 01 Sep 2010, over 13 years ago

I agree with Rajesh. With her passion and demonstrated interested in the global water crisis, she has earned a place a the table! Can we clone her?



By Team Blue Posted on Tue 07 Sep 2010, over 13 years ago

As Past President of the Chagrin Valley Rotary Club I've had the privilege of getting to know both Katie and Blue Plant/Peer Water Exchange well over the last two years. Katie is an excellent fit with the PWX team.

She has an inspirational personality and passion for improving the world water's crisis. She can motivate the others' support of as demonstrated by raising over $100,000 as she rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to South America. Thousands followed her progress daily.

Even disappointments like having her car with road bike and oars from the ocean row stolen don't seem to diminish her passion. She is overcoming this setback as she has others by focusing on teaching others to focus on results. Her motto is "we all can do more than we think we can do."

Future occupational, educational and endurance experiences will make her an icon for motivating others. Her web site http://rowforwater.com/ demonstrates her ability to communicate and generate the dialog needed to accelerate progress by the sharing experiences and opportunities.

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