Stopping Sewage from entering Lakes at Kaikondarahalli Kere Habba

9 January 2016
Kaikondarahalli Lake, Bangalore

At the Kaikondarahalli Kere Habba,sponsored by Namma Bengaluru Foundation and organised by the lake group, PWX put up a stall to talk about stopping sewage from getting into lakes (or any other water body). PWX's plan is to make citizen's living in communities and apartments aware of the impacts of sewage discharge and share stories of successful models of treatment (STPs) and water reuse. By helping the RWAs (resident welfare associations) of the communities without STPs or with non-performing STPs we can eliminate sewage discharge and thus sewage exposure. Health of people and of lakes will automatically improve.

Dheeraj's team (Shilpa, Deepak and Deepika) made an heroic effort to get a poster (see below), postcards, and t-shirts ready. The amazing postcards were a hit.

Dheepak volunteered to setup and staff the booth, with Dr. Kulkarni and Avinash helping.

Dheepak explaining to people in the background of apartments that need to get onboard with PWX's program!

Avinash at the booth.

Naveen, Rajesh, and Dheepak (showing off their new t-shirts)

Kaikondarahalli Kere Habba saw over 4000 visitors to the lake on Sunday. Various photographers uploaded their pictures to share highlights.
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