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Ekoventure, a trust for rural empowerment, established in Pondicherry in the year 2000 with the objective of Rural Empowerment, is facilitating developmental activities in diverse fields.

Date Founded 2000-03-23
Primary Focus Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus Sanitation - Households
History of Water Projects
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Possession of rich experience of providing consultancy for a period of 5 ½ years for implementing a project, namely, the Tank Rehabilitation Project Pondicherry (TRPP) executed by the Public Works Department, Pondicherry with the financial assistance of the European Commission. Ekoventure was carrying out the activities to initiate the process of Social mobilization, community organization and people’s participation for executing tank rehabilitation through formation of Tank Associations in 16 irrigation tanks.

Ekoventure possesses the experience of implementing the Green Coast project sponsored by the Wetlands International of The Netherlands for improving and sustaining the livelihood of communities belonging to tsunami affected coastal villages of Pondicherry region and Cuddalore and Villupuram districts of Tamilnadu. Under this project Ekoventure had been popularizing crop development activities such as cultivation of paddy adopting the method of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) by improving the water use efficiency by adopting alternate wetting and drying without resorting to the conventional method of flood irrigation besides obtaining 15% to 40% higher yield at low unit cost of production. Ekoventure had also popularized cultivation of less water consuming and high income generating alternate crops like vegetables and flowers for improving the livelihood of small farmers.

More or less similar kinds of activities implemented under the Food Security Component of the Green Post-Tsunami Action project funded by the European Commission and taken up by Ekoventure in 32 coastal villages of Villupuram District in partnership with two other NGOs strengthened the experience and competence of Ekoventure in commodity promotion through SRI methodology and alternate cropping involving larger participation of women folk.
Under Water Component of this project, Ekoventure gained the experience of drilling boreholes to tap shallow water bearing aquifers and installing 32 nos. of rope pumps in the project villages for augmenting domestic water supply to households besides providing irrigation water to small vegetable and flower gardens by installing low cost drip irrigation systems. Mobilisation of local communities in general and the women communities in particular rendered the successful implementation of the components through a series of awareness meetings and special trainings as well as periodical conduct of Farmer Field Schools. Also, to ensure safe drinking water, Syphon Water filters were introduced and promoted in these 32 villages.

WOMEN & WATER PROJECT: 2008-09 (ongoing)
Construction of 10 Rope pumps @2 per village in five villages in the Villupuram district, Tamilnadu. Also to provide 250 nos. of Syphon water filters @ 1per household to ensure safe drinking water. Further, establishing model Kitchen gardens in these selective households.

Collect, seggregate, decompose and safely dispose (for kitchen garden), the household solid waste using Effective Microorganism technology in 500 households in 2 villages at Pondicherry.

Organization Background


Vision and Mission of Ekoventure is to facilitate Rural Communities to attain empowerment through sustainable Institutions with components of Knowledge, Technology and Participation in an equitable manner.

EKOVENTURE envisages to achieve under mentioned objectives by application of synergic strategy involving people, Government organisations and Non Government organisations through state of the art tools like participatory learning, training and dissemination methods.
1. Knowledge Resource Base Setting Up
Indigenous knowledge and modern technologies-collection, documentation and dissemination to evolve innovative solutions for economic upliftment with enhanced Values of ecology Resources.
2. Natural Resources
Conservation and management in an optimal manner by taking into account of past, Present and future needs in all walks of life of rural poor.
3. Health Care
Improved health status by utilising local health traditions, medicinal herbs, kitchen herbal gardens and better food habits including yoga and meditation methods. Emphasis on safe drinking water and sustainable sanitation methods both in rural and urban areas.
4. Agriculture
Ecofriendly and sustainable type adoption of adapted practices evolved by blending both indigenous & modern practices.
5. Women empowerment & Gender Equity ventures to create harmony among the rural mass.
6. Formation of people's institution to address all problems of rural areas to further all the objectives stated above on help for self-help basis.

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