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APLV provides technical, logistical and financial assistance to rural Nicaragua communities to build and maintain safe drinking water systems; preserve the watersheds of their springs; improve hygienic practices; monitor baby and infant health. It also trains water technicians in its nationally accredited school.

Date Founded 1987-01-17
Primary Focus Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus Hygiene Education
History of Water Projects
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Has built 105 gravity drinking water projects, list upon request. These are situated in central Nicaragua. Provides a minimum of 1500,000 liters or safe drinking water to 18,000 persons.

Organization Background

APLV originated in the US. then formed a permanent group in Nicaragua and another support group in France. All US and French participation is made of unpaid volunteeers. The Nicaragua group is made of technicians, specialized masons, hygiene and health educators, village organizer and conservation specialist+ an administrative staff.

Annual Water and Sanitation Budget
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Agua Para La Vida , 2311 Webster Avenue, Berkeley CA. 94705