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Women's Earth Alliance is a global organization that unites women working on the frontlines of environmental causes, through the coordination of resources, training and technology.

Date Founded 2005-11-15
Primary Focus Capacity Building
Secondary Focus Education
History of Water Projects
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In 2006, we organized a delegation of grassroots women to attend the World Water Forum. Later in 2006, we partnered with A Single Drop on a biosand water filter training for women. In 2008, WEA partnered with A Single Drop, Crabgrass and GROOTS Kenya to launch the African Women and Water Conference in Kenya, providing sustainable water technology training to African women leaders.

Organization Background

Women's Earth Alliance grew out of a network launched in 2005, called Women's Global Green Action Network-an incredible story of activists, mothers, entrepreneurs, educators, health workers, and community leaders joining forces from countries around the world. This group shared a common concern-- the lack of networking and support services available at our grassroots, where environmental challenges are most pressing.

In order to better understand this challenge, a small international team of women decided to call for a global strategy meeting. Thirty women environmental leaders, nominated by their peers, traveled to Mexico City from communities around the world in a powerful "patchwork" of experiences, ethnicities, ages, and skill sets to take part in this visioning session.


A small group of women working in environmental and social justice, launched a global search in 2005, seeking visionary women environmental advocates, organizers and entrepreneurs from around the world who were working on the frontlines of environmental, social and economic sustainability in their communities. Our selection committee received dozens of applications, and carefully selected thirty leaders to take part in identifying the priorities and action plans needed to support women engaged in environmental and social justice work.

Our meeting pooled the expertise of thirty women environmental advocates to assess the unique challenges we faced as women working for environmental and social justice and to identify the key resources, networking opportunities, and communication tools we needed to enhance the local and global impact of their efforts.

Over the course of our three-day meeting, our group agreed upon a set of shared values and principles; identified key communication and networking needs of women; and launched plans for the first regional projects. The strategy meeting represented a deeply significant and long-awaited step in the journeys of many of the women attendees. Having committed their lives to protecting and upholding the health and equity of their communities, our group of women were ready to magnify the scope of their effectiveness and model the solutions on the global stage.

With the committed participation of this powerful core constituency, we were poised to forge a global movement of environmental sustainability and women's leadership.

These women leaders answered our call out of deep concern for the health and longevity of their communities, and for the very future of the planet. They understood this forum as the initiation of a long-range course of action towards enhancing the individual and collective impact of their efforts.

Women's Earth Alliance, an Earth Island Institute project, is the organizational response to what we learned during these early stages. Our team worked to build the ideas and concepts for an initiative that would equip women with the appropriate technologies, critical support services, face-to-face exchanges, and information resources crucial to their local and global efforts.

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