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Daemen College is a private liberal arts college outside Buffalo, NY. In 2008, Daemen began a partnership with Blue Planet Run Foundation to raise funds for community water projects and is hosting its first 5K for H2O in November, 2008. The college is also developing curriculum for its students around important water issues.

Date Founded 1947-01-01
Primary Focus Education
Secondary Focus Fundraising
History of Water Projects
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Daemen College is currently offering a course "Global Water Issues" to increase understanding of the environmental, health and technological issues associated with water quality and quantity. Students in the course along with Environmental Club members are creating materials to educate the wider college community. Additionally, students are organizing the Daemen 5K 4 H20 and a Water Fest event.

Organization Background

Daemen College, a private liberal arts institution, is committed to prepare students for life and leadership in an increasingly complex world. Founded on the principle that education should elevate human dignity and foster civic responsibility and compassion, the college seeks to prepare graduates who are dedicated to the health and well-being of both their local and global communities.

Daemen College has undergraduate majors in the health sciences, natural sciences, business, education, arts, languages, and social sciences. Graduate degrees are available in some programs in business, education and the health sciences. Approximately 2000 students are enrolled annually.


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