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EarthCare Africa (ECAf) is a Pan African Institute which facilitates inter- agency action for policy analysis and environment monitoring, linking policy makers, governments, NGOs, industry, research institutes, community groups to meet the challenges of sustainable development and livelihoods. It was formed to serve and prepare Africans for participation in global environmental processes, and to face the environment and development challenges of the 1990s and beyond.

Goal: Contribute to environmental sustainability and poverty elimination in Africa. Aims:
• Support governments in developing appropriate policies for environmental sustainability
• Facilitate research on policy, leading to development strategies that are ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially and culturally acceptable to Africa; monitor implementation of and action on environment related policies, and carry out their periodic evaluation;
• Assist and monitor implementation of environmental treaties, conventions, commitments by governments and NGOs made during UNCED and other processes.
• Encourage transparency and accountability in development programmes and projects;

ECAf works in collaboration and co-operation with NGOs, IGOs, community groups, African governments, research institutions, private sector

Areas of focus:
• State of the resources;
• Children youth and the environment;
• Gender and sustainability;
• Food security.
Central to these concerns are activities in policy development, analysis and monitoring taking on the role of environment information intermediary for its constituents

Operational strategy
ECAf works through partners based in eight sub-regions of Africa. It has associates in other parts of the world to monitor policy- related global developments for on-time alert

Date Founded 1993-10-23
Primary Focus Policy
Secondary Focus Research
History of Water Projects
Related work not on PWX.

EarthCare Africa has been involved in water issues since its pilot project on empowering women in rainwater harvesting in 2001. since then, it has conducted tarining of trainers in various catchment systems in Zimbabwe and Kenya. It has advocated for gender equality in water resource management and sanitation at local, national and international fora such as the World Water Forums

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