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UCOBAC was founded in 1990 with a mission to improve the welfare of vulnerable groups especially women and children in Uganda. UCOBAC does this through capacity building of relevant actors and child caretakers, Advocacy and Networking using Community Based initiatives.

Date Founded 1990-05-30
Primary Focus Water - Community
Secondary Focus Sanitation - Community
History of Water Projects
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In 1998/9 UCOBAC with financial assistance from European Union and International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) of Finland protected fourteen (14) spring wells and three (3) shallow wells in Kumi district, Uganda. This was done to provide healthy water for consuption and also to ease the long distances travelled by women and children to fetch water. ucobac trains women on water catchment and storage and is only hindered on lack of funding to implement the technologies involved.

Organization Background

UCOBAC was formed after the civial war which had left many children orphaned. UCOBAC mission being to improve the welfare of children through building capacity of child care takers, deals with mothers at grassroots level. The women are trained in different issues e.g. Health (HIV and AIDS, Malaria and TB awareness, prevention and management, home hygiene, food security, child rights, care and protection and protection of water sources, water catch and storage. UCOBAC also implements programs on human rights and good governance, OVC, Capacity Building (Institutional and capacity building of child care takers) and Advocacy and Networking with other NGOs.

Uganda Community Based Association for Child Welfare (UCOBAC) was formed in 1990 at a time when it was estimated that there were around one million orphans in Uganda, caused by the effects of a civil war, HIV and AIDS and other related factors. While the traditional extended family was strong, in the worst affected areas, the dependency ratios were reaching a critical stage whre the number of orphans needing support exceeded the capacity of individuals and families and community to cope. The government capacity to respond was also limited and the best solution was seen to be community based coordination and support.

For years now, UCOBAC has come to believe that the only way of improving the welfare of children is to improve the welfare of child care givers who are the mothers and grandmothers. UCOBAC endeavours to build the capacity of the child care givers by impacting knowledge and skills on different development issues to the them so that they can find solutions to their own problems. When you train women and communities on how to access good, clean and safe water and how to manage existing water resources, you will have achieved in improving the welfare of children in our communities.

UCOBAC trains the beneficiaries, provides them with grants to carry on income generating activities of their own choice to improve their livelihoods.

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Barclalys Bank Uganda Limited Kampala Road Branch P. O. Box 2971 Kampala, Uganda Bank Account Number: 1215838 Bank Account Name: UCOBAC/CORE

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