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Grassroots organization committed since 1990 to help the rural poor of Nicaragua uplift themselves starting with water and sanitation projects. Hygiene education and reforestation components are added to create a holistic model of intervention.

Date Founded 1990-09-01
Primary Focus Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus Sanitation - Households
Organization Background

El Porvenir has worked for many years in several municipalities of Nicaragua, has a small local office in each, and local personnel. We are well known in these areas and communities readily find us to ask for financing for projects, and for follow up. El Porvenir does not initiate projects, the communities come to us to request a project. The community provides the labour for the projects, El Porvenir provides the materials and technical guidance.

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Citibank NA 111 Wall St NY,NY 10043 ABA# 021000089 FBO Charles Schwab Inc 101 Montgomery St San Francisco Ca94104 Acct #4055 3953 El Porvenir Acct # 3080 7060

Informational video about El Porvenir and its work in Nicaragua.

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