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The mandate of Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network is to bring together knowledge and action driven by a dynamic network of partner organizations and individual members, sharing a common vision of bringing systematic and structural changes in arsenic mitigation strategies across water and health across India.

Date Founded 2014-03-09
Primary Focus Water - Community
Secondary Focus Capacity Building
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In the past two years since its inception, A-KAN has reached out to more than 400 institutions, governments, NGOs, and individuals. We have also had capacity building trainings at different levels. We have, till date, built capacity of around 12o regional level doctors on arsenicosis and built awareness on the arsenicosis issues among 100 civil society organisations. Facilitated creation of regional centers for water quality within Assam and Uttar Pradesh where all come together to work towards solutions and share information. We have integrated and involved central and state level governmental functionaries in suggestion and implementing mitigation options. We have further reached out to Members of Parliament to raise water quality issues within parliament. Data sharing and knowledge management of mitigation options is also an issue that the Arsenic Network has been collating through its multiple interaction and showcasing them in form of interactive maps and report within our website and newsletters


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