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TZED (ZED stands for Zero Energy Development) is located at Whitefield Road, Bangalore. This five-acre site comprises of 95 homes built on the principles of sustainable resources. There is no sewerage connection for this campus. All wastewater is treated and reused for gardens in a way that such water eventually percolates into the open wells and so completes the loop of use and generation.

Date Founded 2016-01-22
Primary Focus Capacity Building
Secondary Focus Sewage Treatment Plant
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Our record for building quality homes is powerful testimony : T-ZED, an earlier creation, has been rated the best place to live in, by a vote of residents across Whitefield in east Bangalore; ZED Collective has been awarded the highest platinum rating, post-construction. ZEDEarth, too, has been awarded the highest rating by far by GRIHA, a govt agency for green rating.


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