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This is a request for funding of a sustainable development program for provision of clean drinking water in Ethiopia.
The proposed project has the dual purpose of :-

[1] providing access to clean drinking water for Ethiopians who regularly suffer water shortages due to drought and/or face a variety of illnesses caused by drinking contaminated water.

[2] providing employment opportunities for school leavers [typically aged 16-20] and university graduates with relevant skills, in the field of clean water supply.

Ethiopia has a growing educated work force, but a shortage of job opportunities, especially outside the agricultural sector. This results in many qualified people leaving the country for overseas employment. This in turn impedes economic development and growth and hence leaves the country vulnerable due to its continuing dependence on agriculture which is frequently severely impacted by shortage of rain.

Mekelle is the capital of the Tigray region which suffers from a dry climate, with rainfall which is both low and unreliable, occurring mainly in the months of July and August. Consequently there is a need to extend significantly the capacity of the region to collect rainwater when it does fall and to make it available to the population as clean drinkable water.

What we propose to do.

Based in the town of Mekelle, we plan to construct, equip and recruit staff for the following 3 activities.

1) Digging and lining water collection ponds in rural areas.
2) Producing, distributing and training users of bio sand filters
3) Production of piping and equipment for drip irrigation

Where we will be working.

The initial focus will be on providing services and products to northern Ethiopia, later on to the rest of Ethiopia, and once the business concept has been proven, to other countries in Africa.

The main benefits of this project are threefold.

1. Improved access to clean water reducing infant mortality caused by drinking contaminated water.
2. Sustainable development eliminating dependency on aid.
3. Provide incentives for educated Ethiopians to stay in the country rather than being obliged to leave their country in search of a living and therefore develop a sustainable economy based on a skilled workforce.

Date Founded 2004-06-25
Primary Focus Capacity Building
Secondary Focus Drinking Water - Community
History of Water Projects
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Rainbows4children, together with its local partner organisation in Ethiopia, the Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (TDVA), has established a solid track record in executing construction and education projects. Our partner organisation has also successfully set up small entrepreneurial businesses for disabled people (both female and male) in the areas of dairy produce, silk-screen printing and furniture production. We have very good relations with the local authorities and the land needed for the school projects was provided by the local authorities free-of-charge. They have also committed to provide the land required for the planned water projects. The projects outlined will be the first water-related activities for Rainbows4children and we are confident of our ability to implement them provided we receive adequate funding. We have strong local support with water management expertise from the University of Mekelle's departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

We plan initially to focus on the water collection and bio sand filtration projects. Our estimated initial funding needs are US$ 50,000

Organization Background

Rainbows4children is an independent charity set up in memory of Nicolas Robinson (son of the founder) and its aim is to help disadvantaged children in Ethiopia by providing education.
Rainbows4children has zero administration costs, as all the work is carried out by volunteers and therefore one hundred percent of all donations go directly to the supported projects. The Foundation is audited annually and is officially registered with the governing authorities in Switzerland no: CH-, and is registered with the Charities Commission in the UK (registration number 1116387). The patron of the foundation is the renowned BBC journalist: Michael Buerk.

Rainbows4children has chosen to support children whose parents are disabled, usually through losing limbs from landmines or through other war injuries or illness such as polio. These disabled people have set up a self-help organisation called the Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (TDVA).
In cooperation with the TDVA we have completed the building of ‘The Nicolas Kindergarten School’, and in September 2005 this was opened to 160 children, aged 4-6 years.
Now we are building the Nicolas elementary school, and grades 1 and 2 have just been completed. In September 2007, 100 children started school there. Our aim is to complete the school up to grade 12 during the next few years, so that the children can have continuous education at the Nicolas School. The school will include a library, laboratories and sports facilities. Once the school is completed, almost 1000 children will be receiving full-time education at the facility in Mekelle funded by Rainbows4children.

Once these are completed we will build a vocational training school so that those children who don’t go on to University can learn a practical skill and we want to ensure this stream of well educated children have good job opportunities.

These are our founding principles:-

1. Help young people in Ethiopia to have better lives, with a primary focus on education.
2. Be organised in a fully transparent way, with full accountability to our donors. 100% of all money raised will be used for the benefit of children with nothing taken out for administration costs.
3. Provide feedback to donors on all projects.
4. Look for sustainable projects, which eventually can be maintained and funded by the local community.
5. Select projects, which are catalytic in nature. Relatively small amounts of money can provide training, which enables local people to help each other.
6. Provide assistance regardless of politics or religion.
7. Provide equal opportunities for girls and boys.

Donations are tax-deductible for Swiss and UK taxpayers.

A DVD is available on request providing an overview of the school projects.

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