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Racing to bring safe drinking water to the world.

Creator of the Peer Water Exchange.

Date Founded 2002-08-06
Primary Focus Fundraising
Secondary Focus Funding
History of Water Projects
Related work not on PWX.

For a funder, this is the only place for even PWX work!

The totals of funding for water project, mostly on PWX:
2004 - $189k
2005 - $300k
2006 - $500k
2007 - $108k
2008 - $132k
2009 - $102k
2010 - $350k

There has been a sizable investment in PWX, and also in other initiatives like the formation of the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) and into arsenic filter research at Lawrence Berkeley Labs (LBL).

Organization Background

Founded by Jin Zidell as a new global event to attract the world's attention towards a global tragedy and to raise money to solve it.

Rajesh initiated and built the concept of the Peer Water Exchange as a way to solve the scaling problem in selecting, implementing, managing, and reporting rural water projects.

Annual Water and Sanitation Budget
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Annual Non-Water
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An extraordinary collaboration of athletes, a philanthropist, a sponsor, and others and athletes who teamed up over the summer of 2007 to put a human face on one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today: the world's rapidly disappearing source of