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Over 300 million residents in rural areas in China have no access to clean drinking water. The quality of drinking water in almost half of Chinese villages does not meet basic safety standards. This is mainly due to agricultural and industrial water pollution in these areas, putting villagers’ health at risk and impeaching the economic development of the local communities.

Greenovation Hub’s pollution and Drinking Water Safety Program aims to help remedy this problem in its target areas by:

1) Providing appropriate collective or household use drinking water equipment that is low-cost and easy-maintenance to villages that have no clean water access because of pollution. It is estimated that the project will benefit 100 villages between 2012 and 2014;

2) Constructing water resource management networks in those villages and surrounding areas in order to protect water sources from further pollution. This will be implemented in collaboration with organizations and local residents utilizing collaborative and participatory methods.

Date Founded 2012-01-01
Primary Focus Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus Water - Community
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We have done extensive field investigation to villages that have been reported to have drinking water problems and water pollution problems. In one rural school in Henan Province where there is no access to drinking water, we helped provide clean drinking water by digging well and purchasing storage tank. In our previous work, we have done research on China's water pollution in rural areas and have good contacts with experts and companies providing drinking water treatment technologies and equipments.

Organization Background

Greenovation Hub is a local Chinese NGO founded by a collective of experienced environmentalists. With rich and diverse background from international organizations, community groups, social movements and business, greenovators at the Hub intend to create an open platform for addressing environmental challenges innovatively. By working on strategically important issues such as climate change, water pollution, sustainable finance and China’s global footprint, the Hub is committed to foster a collaborative, participatory, impactful and forward-looking environmental movement for China’s green transition.

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Bank Name Bank of China Branch Name (or Number) Beijing Branch Miyun Chengxi Subbranch Bank Account NAME Beijing Water Source Conservation Foundation Bank Account NUMBER# 336356033335 (only for Chinese currency – RMB) 332458031852 (only for foreign currency – USD) SWIFT/ BIC#: BKCH CN BJ 110 Bank street address (required) No.6,Xi Meng Wai Street, Miyun District , Beijing, China. City: Beijing Country: China