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ILF’s mission is to bring clean water and fuel-efficient stoves to displaced and impoverished communities in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti. By using the most self-sustaining interventions, ILF provides disadvantaged individuals with the tools necessary to lift themselves out of poverty.

Date Founded 2003-12-12
Primary Focus Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus Sanitation - Community
History of Water Projects
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ILF has been implementing clean water projects in Northern Uganda since early 2006. Prior to applying for any institutional funding or external donor support, ILF wanted to prove its capacity to provide clean water cheaply and effectively. This determination resulted in ILF drilling approximately 130 boreholes from April 2006 to April 2009 benefiting about 85,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Northern Uganda, a region ravaged by the rebel insurgency the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). In May 2009 ILF received its first institutional funding from charity: water and began cost sharing the implementation of its water projects in Northern Uganda. In the summer of 2009 ILF purchased two drilling rigs, one for shallow and one for deep boreholes, thereby drastically reducing the cost of drilling boreholes and allowing ILF to drill more boreholes, more efficiently. Since the inception of the partnership between ILF and charity: water ILF has drilled 95 boreholes benefiting 56,000 Ugandans.

Organization Background

Lifeline is a private non-profit foundation that was launched by Daniel Wolf in 2003 in memory and honor of his father, Dr. George Wolf. From the outset, Lifeline's vision was to promote self-sustaining interventions that would have an outsized impact in relieving the suffering of refugees and other vulnerable persons in the poorest regions of the world. During its first two years, Lifeline focused most of its attention on refugee advocacy issues, as it explored various possibilities for humanitarian programs that would fit within its vision. By 2006, Lifeline had settled on two such programs – one that would promote the use of an efficient clay stove and the other that would bring clean water to people who were drinking from stagnant pools. Since that time, Lifeline’s sustainable fuel and clean water programs have profoundly improved the lives of more than 250,000 beneficiaries who have been uprooted by violence or natural disaster in Northern Uganda, Darfur, Somalia, Burundi, the Congo and, most recently Haiti.

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International Lifeline Fund 2101 L St. NW Ste. 1000 Washington, DC 20037

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