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Since 1970, Esperança has been providing health and hope for the world’s poor through health and development projects and a volunteer surgical program in more than 14 countries around the world, including the United States.

Our mission is to improve health and provide hope for families in the poorest communities of the world through sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment.

Currently, we have 5 different projects in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Mexico and our domestic project in Phoenix, AZ. Each project is unique to the needs of that community, and we partner with local trusted agencies and community leaders at each project site to ensure that programs are culturally appropriate and build capacity.

Esperança provides long-term solutions that promote sustainability and empowerment of the entire community!

Date Founded 1970-03-27
Primary Focus Water - Community
Secondary Focus Drinking Water - Community
History of Water Projects
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Esperança has been committed to helping poor families gain clean water since our organization’s inception in 1970. At each project site, we focus on educating families to prevent water-borne diseases and improving sanitation within communities. Each project initiative was developed specifically for the targeted population and is varied to meet the needs of the region. Currently, Esperança’s water projects exist at our project sites in Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Mozambique.
Approximately 20 years ago, our project site in southern Bolivia began implementing housing construction in communities to prevent Chagas disease, respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases. Due to the region having little access to a clean water source, a water project was integrated into the housing project so that each home included a clean water source such as a faucet or spigot. In 2009, we constructed over 2,200 homes in Bolivia, providing a clean water source for each family.
Our project in Nicaragua currently has the most robust program for clean water. Clean water has been a focus at this project for the last ten years. A small local team works on the construction of 10-12 wells and 3-5 water systems per a year. In addition, there is widespread health education for over 5,000 villagers regarding clean water and sanitation measures.
Our project site in Mozambique utilizes a holistic model that is implemented in each community over a three-year period. This is our newest project site and was initiated in 2003. Wells, latrines, and housing improvement projects are part of this project’s focus, as well as preventative health education by lay health workers.

Organization Background

Esperança is an international development organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally, the organization's main work was health services for the poor of the Amazon Region of Brazil. Now in its 40th year, Esperança has served in 14 countries and is presently active in five-Bolivia, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to improve health and provide hope for families in the poorest communities of the world through sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment. There are 2 main components to our work: Public Health Projects and a Volunteer Surgical Program. Our efforts have improved the health of thousands around the world since our organization’s inception in 1970. We serve over 100,000 people annually.

Esperança's model of working through existing indigenous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has provided a lasting impact among the communities served. Our goal is to create self-sustained systems of health care delivery wherever we go. Each project is a unique response to the needs of that community, and ensures that programs are culturally appropriate, build capacity and sustainable. By partnering with local organizations that have already established trust within the community, Esperança provides health programs and services that reach more community members and have a long-term impact. Realizing the nexus of clean water and health, Esperanca views clean water projects as a priority in our public health work.

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Esperança Nicaragua Programs Esperança’s Program Director, Christina Araiza, provides a brief overview of Esperança’s programs in Nicaragua and explains our approach

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