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A transformative, innovative process to solve the world's water and sanitation crisis. Collaborative, transparent, and efficient, PWX solving the challenge of scale: to solicit, select, fund, manage, and asses impact of tens of thousands of diverse, grassroots projects.

Date Founded 2005-08-09
Primary Focus Capacity Building
Secondary Focus Observer
Organization Background

The Blue Planet Run Foundation was created with an ambitious goal - to make a visible dent in the global water crisis - to ensure 200 million people got safe drinking water.

The challenges facing BPRF were:
1. Raising the money;
2. Soliciting and selecting an estimated 400,000 applications by different agencies;
3. Overseeing the implementation of these projects;
4. Assessing the long-term operation and impact of these projects.
Sapient built the first release of PWX pro bono, and it was launched at the World Water Forum in Mexico in 2006.

PWX has made great progress since then, continuing to evolve with a growing number of engaged groups.

With implementers asking to have all their projects managed by PWX, the platform has grown in project management.

PWX remains the only map-driven and scalable platform in the water sector, and challenges funders to adopt a more efficient, transparent, and effective philanthropic process.

BPRF is now BPN (Blue Planet Network), a 501(c)3 in the USA. PWX is now also a registered charity in India, recognized under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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Tech Awards video created by Sandy Smolan - November 2010.